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Welcome to the Project Cairo wiki!

As this project is still only in its conceptual stage, the information currently written on this page is not official or final in any way. It is only a starting point in order to provide something to build on. A lot of changes and modifications are expected.


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How will this be done?

We are currently working out the specifics of a 5 year tiered plan that involves a non-profit grocery, a self sustaining agriculture community, local education and job training, promoting startup opportunities, and making real estate investments, among other things.

Funding will primarily come from the reddit community in cooperation with the local population, but other options are being researched as well.

The overall goal is to improve the economy of the city by starting local businesses and attracting a larger population.

The project will also be properly documented in a number of ways for educational purposes.

Who is doing this?

Independent entrepreneurial enthusiasts from the Reddit community in cooperation with the local residents of Cairo.

Anyone that is interested in this project is welcome to contribute.

Why are they doing this?

Except for the fact that Cairo needs all the help it can get in order to become a prosperous place again, there are many other reasons why people are interested in this project. Reddit is a community that really likes to improve things and help people when they can, because doing so in the past has proven to be both possible and rewarding. The people involved in this project believe that they can make a positive and meaningful difference in Cairo, and that the city in itself offers a very suitable opportunity for Reddit's community spirit to extend beyond the internet and effect real-world change. Part of the appeal is to see if the project can be successfully realized at all, because that would serve as a great testament to the potential power of social communities and what could be achieved in the name of good when people work together.

If successful, the project can hopefully serve as an example and model for similar endeavors elsewhere, and provide knowledge for people on how to repeat the process.

Other less serious but more entertaining reasons includes the fact that Cairo seems like a perfect place to set up a zombie invasion defense base; it feels a lot like playing a settlers/farming LARPG. It's kind of like terraforming a planet and making it inhabitable, and it reminds people a lot of the thrilling settings of a post-apocalyptic survival scenario, and Silent Hill...

Where is this happening?

Primarily in Cairo, obviously, but many people from all over the world are contributing through the community of Reddit.

When is this happening?

The first post regarding the unfortunate but intriguing state of Cairo was posted on the 30th of November 2010, and the subreddit and wiki were set up shortly after.

The first new settlements are estimated to take place during the spring of 2011.

The time frame for this plan is proposed as 5 years, to begin with.

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